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Fix It! Lancaster is your connection to the City of Lancaster government for non-emergency service requests and more. Use this website or app to report concerns, receive status updates, and track resolutions. You can also learn about our city and get information on current projects.

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What does each Request Status mean?


A request is Open when it is newly submitted to Fix It! Lancaster. The City of Lancaster has not yet reviewed these requests.


When a request is Acknowledged the City of Lancaster has received it and is working to resolve the issue. Please note, some projects may take time to complete due to design requirements, supply/staff availability, etc. The City will provide updates as they are available.


A request is Closed when the City of Lancaster has completed work on the request. Some requests are outside the platform scope and can’t be resolved through Fix It! Lancaster. In those cases, City staff will make a notation on the request with the proper method to have it addressed.

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